Crystal River is the only place is Florida where it is legal to swim with manatees in their natural habitat.

Sleeping Manatee in Crystal River

Every year, during the winter months, manatees start heading to warmer waters. Manatees need to be in water at least 72 degrees F in order to survive the winter months…

When this was happening, I was uninsured. I wanted to be so I could follow up with a doctor after the ER visits, but couldn’t afford the premiums.

In 2016, I was at work, and as the afternoon progressed, I increasing felt worse. I felt off the whole day, but…

People who know me, knows that I love to travel. Those same people know that I also have anxiety and depression. The one thing that seems to calm my anxiety is travel. Well, two things. The other being Xanax.

The interesting thing about these two things, is that my anxiety…

Lunch at Sanaa Restaurant at WDW Animal Kingdom Lodge

We recently went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Lodge in Orlando Florida to try out the Indian food that they offered. …


I am a traveler that enjoys nature, Disney, history and true crime.

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