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  • Verity Amare

    Verity Amare

    City-girl. Jetsetter. Ghost hunter. Psychology nerd. Lover of human connection. Catch flights, not feelings!

  • Marilyn Glover

    Marilyn Glover

    I am a top writer in parenting; passionate about poetry spirituality, and travel. Domestic abuse survivor. mailto:gmarilyn009@gmail.com

  • Aemen Farooq

    Aemen Farooq

    I write about mental health, self-development, self-care, and life lessons as they happen. Editor of sapphirel.com/ https://aemenfarooq.medium.com/membership

  • Kristina God

    Kristina God

    You want to make money on Medium? ⚡️ I’ll teach you in a simple and fun way | Top 1,000 Writer | 20x Top Writer | Brand Manager | Coach | mail@kristinagod.com

  • Purbita Chakraborty

    Purbita Chakraborty

    "Why fit in when you were born to stand out" - Technical Writer, Wellbeing, Design & Travel Writer, Advocate for Diversity & Inclusion - http://aframe4life.com/

  • Maram


    mom, wife, writer, PhD which means I like to ask questions and look for patterns, basically a preschooler :-)

  • Josh


  • Vishnu*s Virtues

    Vishnu*s Virtues

    Let’s achieve our writing dreams together | Topics: writing and relationships | Californian, Malaysian| 750K+ Med views. Blog: https://www.vishnusvirtues.com/

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